Posted by: gnse | January 26, 2012


Sharing Environmental Education Methods for Adults

The project aims at collecting, sharing and valorizing best practices in the field of education for sustainable development (ESD) with special emphasis on non-formal and informal adult education methods and initiatives.

During the first project year each partner organization will collect best practices in non-formal and informal environmental education of adults. These best practices will be collected according to commonly agreed descriptors and will be presented in a database on a web site dedicated to the project as well as through various social media. Coinciding with the project meetings “in-situ” visits will be paid to outstanding environmental education locations in the host country (bird-watch, Natura 2000 sites, national nature reserves, establishments for recycling, sites for green agriculture, etc.)

During the second year 2 of the partner organizations will host 2 environmental workshops where best practices in environmental education and ESD (identified in the first year) will be piloted within the transnational project group, which will include environmental volunteers (as learners) coming from the various countries. As a final outcome a comparative report of the collected/studied/shared/valorized best practice education models will be published, together with a short amateur documentary film presenting non-formal and informal environmental education for adults, as conceived throughout this learning partnership project.

Funder: European Commission – Grundtvig Learning Partnerships
Duration: Aug 2011 – July 2013



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