Posted by: gnse | November 7, 2012

3rd QALLL-Conference very successful

Vienna / Austria

180 participants from 15 National Agencies and 39 best practice projects on quality assurance from all over Europe met at Vienna this week to collect and disseminate the „Quality Assurance in Lifelong Learning“-project QALLL. The main QALLL-products were presented:
– QALLL Compendium on 39 good practice projects from all over Europe: QALLL_projectCompendium_web_version_fv
– QALLLitative Report: QALLL_QualitativReport_web
– QALLL Recommendations for policy level and AE and VET institutions and practitioners: QALLL_Recommendations_web

Especially the recommendations are REALLY useful for the development of quality on local / regional / national level. A summary was created for this poster: QALLL_Recommendations_Plakat_web


The conference was well designed, balancing input, communication, working groups and networking. Participants discussed lessons learned and developed further steps towards a higher impact in the national implementation of the QALLL-results.

Karen Blümcke from PERSPEKTIVwechsel / DE took the chance to discuss the SustainVET-project with some of the participants and to collect some voices on “sustainability in VET”. Special thanks to Thomas Gruber, project leader from DEQA-VET / EQAVET ( and Isabelle Bonnaire, head of the unit Leonardo da Vinci-ToI at the german National Agency ( ).


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