Posted by: gnse | December 11, 2014

Spice Launches Time Credit Evaluation Report

Spice is delighted to launch an independent evaluation of Time Credits and the impact they are having. Available as the full report and as a summary, the findings confirm Time Credits as a vital tool to delivering health, social care, community engagement and civic Regeneration.

Prepared by Apteligen Limited and our associates Kerry McCarthy and Cassie Robinson as part of an independent evaluation of Spice Time Credits, the reports demonstrate how Time Credits are changing communities across the UK. Through a series of independent studies over 1,300 Time Credit members from across the UK using Time Credits were engaged.The results make for exciting reading:

  • The amount of time people regularly give through Time Credits programmes is notably higher than the national average. Nationally, around two thirds of volunteers (66%) give their time at least once a month, where as 62% of Spice volunteers give their time at least once a week.
  • Time Credits lead to sustainable improvements in quality of life. 65% of members reported that Time Credits have helped to improve their quality of life within the first year.
  • Time Credits have opened up many opportunities for people to get involved in new activities. Over 40% of respondents reported that they now regularly do things they didn’t do before.

You can download the Evaluation Summary Report here

You can download the Full Evaluation Reprt here


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